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Jansen Tholen B.V. wants to contribute to sustainable and efficient production processes. Jansen Tholen B.V. provides their customers with turnkey solutions in the field of machinery, production lines and industrial installations both new build and modification. Our expertise lies in engineering, maintenance and fabrication. Jansen Tholen B.V. considers it vital that the main disciplines are housed within the company and that through close communication with the client, a customized solution can be provided that matches their requirements.


To provide the industrial sector with effective and efficient processes for production.


We believe in a close collaboration with our clients being the best starting point for every project. Together we identify the specific needs and requirements of the client and in which ways our employees can give substance to this. Due to our years of experience our turnkey projects can offer many advantages. Jansen Tholen B.V. houses the main  disciplines within the company itself which makes reaching our turnkey solutions not only time saving but also cost effective.
Through collaboration with our partner companies, Multi-tech Tholen B.V. and Plasticentrum, we can provide a more complete solution to our client’s demands. For  example, in collaboration with Multi-tech Tholen B.V. we are able to offer complete services in terms of transportation and storage of machinery and parts.